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Approved by experts and recommended by our users

Protection against viruses

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Keep children safe online

Data and password protection

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24/7 technical support

VPN: anonymous browsing

How to buy or renew a product from your Panda account

Benefits of having a Panda account

With your My Panda account, you can manage your products and much more...

License management

View and download the products you have purchased to your devices, see their features, and check your product license expiration dates. Manage your protection from one place with a single set of credentials and enable and disable your subscriptions at any time.

  • On the Devices tab, manage the devices your licenses are installed on, edit the name of each device, delete devices, and unlink licenses from specific devices.
  • On the Invoices and payments tab, view a history of your payments and filter the data by date and invoice type.
Other services
  • Go to our store and buy the Panda Dome product that best meets your needs.
  • Select the Support tab if you need help and get a free diagnosis from our technical support team, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Go to your profile to edit your personal details and, if you want, enable two-factor authentication to access your Panda account.
  • Find your devices with the anti-theft module.


What is a Panda account?


A Panda account is a customer-only area that provides the following benefits:


How do I access my Panda account?


If you already have a Panda account, click the following link and log in with your email address and password:


How do I download my product?


Log in to your Panda account. Select the Products and services, tab. Click More info in your product. Click Download to download the product. You can also send an email to your device to download your product from there.



How does a product subscription work?


Product subscriptions are only available for online purchases. If you keep your subscription active, your services will be automatically renewed after your product license expires.

If you want, you can manage your product automatic renewal from your Panda account.


How do I cancel my subscription?


Log in to your Panda account. Select the Products and services tab. Click More info in your product. In the right panel, select . Cancel subscription.





Panda Security undertakes to refund the amount paid for any online order within 30 days after the date of purchase. To ask for a refund, complete the form and send your request to Customer Service.


Contact Support


If you have any questions about your Panda account or how your product operates, select the Support tab for contact information. In some countries, you have a phone number available to resolve your questions or queries quickly.