PANDA Privacy

the NDA for your personal information

Privacy Notice

This privacy policy describes the policies of https://pandaprivacy.org, a website operated by Kyle E. Mitchell, concerning “personally identifiable information” about you and other visitors.

This policy was put into effect on July 14, 2019. Changes to this policy will be posted here at https://pandaprivacy.org/privacy.

Collecting and Sharing

This website does not collect or share information about anyone.


Regardless of whether you use Do Not Track HTTP headers, this site does not utilize cookies or other tracking mechanisms, and it does not direct your computer to make requests to others’ services for tracking purposes.

Technical Details

Every page on https://pandaprivacy.org uses on content, images, styles, and other assets from https://pandaprivacy.org. The NGINX web server that provides https://pandaprivacy.org uses the following logging settings:

access_log /dev/null;
error_log /dev/null;

https://pandaprivacy.org is hosted on Linode. You can read Linode’s privacy policy online.