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Panda Security’s email checker lets you know whether your email address or passwords have been leaked to the dark web

To access our email checker, go to your Panda account or create one for free:

Recommended by our customers

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Recommended by our customers

If your account details have been leaked, change your passwords!

If Dark Web Scanner informs you that your account details have been stolen, we advise you to change your passwords as soon as possible:

Go to My Panda and use Dark Web Scanner to check whether your email account has been hacked

Data breaches are on the rise! How can you know whether your personal data and passwords are exposed or for sale on the dark web?


Dark Web Scanner is a free tool from Panda Security for scanning the dark web and other Internet sources to check whether information associated with your accounts has been compromised.


Dark Web Monitor

Would you like to receive email alerts if your credentials appear in new security breaches? Get this service with Dark Web Monitor, included in all plans in the Panda Dome product line.

You can check and create alerts for up to 5 email accounts.

If you are already a customer, go to your Panda account and start to benefit now from the Dark Web Monitor service.

What is the deep web?


The deep web is made up of pages that do not appear through standard search engines such as Google or Bing.


These are web pages that are password protected. They include your email account or social network sessions, online banking transactions, or series and movies that you watch through streaming services, etc.


Some 90% of Internet content is on the deep web. This is content available to specific individuals and as the information stored may be sensitive or confidential, logically it is not available to the general public.


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What is the difference between the deep web and the dark web?


The dark web is within the deep web, though, unlike the latter, it can only be accessed through special browsers such as Tor. These browsers enable users to hide their IP addresses and other information, making it difficult to discover their identities.


The privacy of the dark web makes it an ideal playground for hackers, as it provides the perfect environment for illegal activity.


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Protect your devides with Panda Dome Complete


Panda Dome Complete includes the Dark Web Monitor service and Panda Dome Passwords, our password manager. 


Safeguard your privacy and optimize your devices.