Computer worms are programs that make copies of themselves in different places on a computer.

What is a computer worm?

Worms are actually a subclass of virus, so they share characteristics. Worms are programs that make copies of themselves in different places on a computer.

The objective of this type of malware is usually to saturate computers and networks, preventing them from being used. Unlike viruses, worms don't infect files.


What do computer worms do?

The main objective of worms is to spread and infect as many computers as possible. They do this by creating copies of themselves on infected computers, which then spread to other computers via different channels including email, P2P programs, etc.

Worms often use social engineering techniques. To do so, malware creators use attractive names to camouflage their malicious files. Most of these names relate to sex, famous people, or pirated software.

We distribute computer viruses by sending infected attachments to other users. Like us, they unknowingly download and open the attached file, thus getting infected.


How to protect yourself from worms

There are a series of basic measures you can take to ensure your devices are protected against worms:

  • Avoid opening unfamiliar messages and attachments
  • Avoid non-secure web pages
  • Update your operating systems

And don't forget to get good antivirus protection such as Panda DOME.

The easiest and most effective action you can take to protect yourself from worms is to get a total antivirus protection plan. Panda Dome scans every file you open and every program you run for viruses and worms. And it does this in real time.